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Professor Henk Schut, BBF Honorary President Page 1 of 2
Henk Schut is a clinical psychologist and he is associate professor of Clinical and Health Psychology at Utrecht University, the Netherlands and at the institute for post-master training for clinical psychologists in Utrecht (RINO), where he is responsible for the training programme in scientific research. Henk’s research interests cover processes of coping with loss, theory development,  determinants of grief and bereavement, and the efficacy of bereavement care and grief therapy. Together with Maggie Stroebe he has developed the Dual Process Model of coping with bereavement (DPM). Henk’s university teaching covers the area of grief and psychotrauma, research methodology and statistics. Henk also works as a trainer for professionals (e.g., medical specialists, general practitioners, funeral directors) in dealing with bereaved people and he supervises post-academic clinical psychologists doing research.
Henk is coauthor of a number of scientific and professional articles and books on grief, bereavement and death. He is one of the editors of Handbook of Bereavement Research (2001), Handbook of  Bereavement Research and Practice (2009) and Complicated Grief: Scientific Foundations for Health Care Professionals (forthcoming in 2012). Henk is member of the International Workgroup on Death Dying and Bereavement (IWG) since 1995.
References supplied by Prof Schut following our successful conference on April 28th, 2008: ‘Is grief Counselling a waste of time?’